Heart & Bone Signs
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Irving Park Barbershop

We first worked with Irving Park Barbershop in 2013. After having to move across the street when their building was sold, we agreed to make a one-of-a-kind gold leaf window for their new location.

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Jon and his crew wanted nothing but the best. We took their classic Americana style and designed an original 23k, 22k,18k and 12k gold leaf sign. We love working on original works like this and appreciate our amazing clients. 




Here is an in-process shot of Kelsey gold leafing the 23k gold. Customers and passersby are always enamored by the process and have to stop and take a look. Let us know if you are interested and we can discuss with you this time honored craft.

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Steingold's of Chicago

Steingold's of Chicago is a traditional Jewish Deli with a twist. Owner Aaron Steingold chose to honor his heritage while embracing the diversity of Chicago. Aaron brought us on to produce classic sign painting and asked us to bring a creative approach to his store's unique interior. 




This pillar was a challenge in the center of the stores interior. We designed a unique surface gild of stylized trout and salmon that brought the eye up and allowed customers to navigate the store floor with ease. We enjoy resolving unique interior design issues through creative design and in this case, gold leaf. 

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Aaron and his team asked for legibility and cleanliness. He was impressed by the quality of our line work, while maintaining a strict timeline. We pride ourselves in producing quality work in a timely manner. Contact us today for your project!